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Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

According to Dr. Arush Sabharwal: Bariatric Surgery is not only a very important surgery for get rid of Obesity and it’s related co-morbidities but also a type of LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION SURGERY. It gives a person time to adjust to his/her new lifestyle depending on the type of surgery they’ve undergone. Diet and Nutrition is a very important part of Bariatric Surgery Program. Short-term diet protocol for almost all the Surgeries is the same.

The Dietitian’s role is a vital component of the bariatric surgery process. Nutrition assessment and dietary management in surgical weight loss have been shown to be an important correlate with success.A comprehensivenutrition assessment should be conducted preoperatively by a dietitian, physician, and/or well-informed, qualified multidisciplinary team to identify the patient’s nutritional and educational needs. It is essential to determine any pre- existing nutritional deficiencies, develop appropriate dietary interventions for correction, and create a plan for postoperative dietary intake that will enhance the likelihood of success.

The management of postoperative nutrition begins pre- operatively with a thorough assessment of nutrient status, a strong educational program, and follow-up to reinforce important principals associated with long-term weight loss maintenance.

Our Diet Protocol

Diet before Bariatric Surgery: It is Customized diet depending on various obesity related comorbidities.

Post Surgery Diet

  • Changes every two weeks.
  • First two weeks: Clear Liquid Diet
  • Third and Forth Week: Pureed Diet
  • Fifth and Sixth Week: Soft Solid Diet
  • And then after: Normal Diet (Depending on the type of Surgery that the patient has undergone).