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Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

All operations or interventions for morbid obesity attempt to reduce the stomach capacity. This has the effect of reducing appetite and caloric intake which allows for weight loss. There are a number of different procedures which can achieve this aim and gastric sleeve resection, also known as sleeve or tube gastrectomy, is one of them. The operation consists of removing about three quarters of the stomach.

The stomach is a large pouch in the upper abdomen which is designed to take large volumes of food and fluid (up to 2 1⁄2 litres) and expand when doing so. Sleeve gastrectomy reduces the carrying capacity of the stomach to about 100-200mls.

This is a procedure which can usually be performed laparoscopicaly (keyhole surgery). A tube is placed in the stomach to guide the surgeon so that a stapling and cutting device can be run along the stomach to excise a large portion. This leaves a very long narrow tube or sleeve into which the food will be passing. This creates very early satiety (sensation of fullness) and a dramatic reduction in the appetite.

In terms of weight loss this procedure is usually associated with 60-80% excess weight loss over 12-18 months.

From the patient’s point of view the advantages of this operation are that it:

  1. Provides fixed restriction which does not require adjustment
  2. Reduces the appetite and permits fairly normal foodstuffs to be eaten but in limited quantities without any malabsorption, Patient must learn to eat food in small amounts and to chew it well and slowly.Follow up is necessary in the first year after surgery and then as advised by your surgeon for dietary/nutritional counselling
  3. Weight loss starts soon after surgery and continues for 2 years, Improvements occur in obesity related medical conditions, with many patients not requiring medications at all.
  4. Their is enhanced quality of life with improved stamina, mood, self confidence, body image and sexual life.

The complications involved with laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection must be understood before it can be undertaken.

Sleeve gastrectomy now is a recommended cure for weight loss in countries like America and Australia specially after failed self / medical treatment.

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