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Dr. Arush Sabharwal

As the whole nation celebrates Sachin’s hundredth ton, I would also like to appraise you that I have also scored a small half century. Though the mechanism and the logistics are way different (he made a mark accumulating …while I made it in shedding some). I really want to thank you and the entire team from bottom of my heart for architecting this phenomenal change. Just a coincidence when I am drafting this mail I realized I have just completed 5 mo today. The way I feel at this moment of time is completely inexpressible, I don’t have words to express, but being an engineering student - an ardent lover of stats - I would like to share some of them with you (they might be able to reveal some of the story).

Ms.Prerna Singh

It was a continuous fight against obesity for me before I got Bariatric surgery done. I had always been skeptical about this until the day I met you ( Dr. Arush Sabharwal ). And as we spoke things started to get clear and I made up my mind then and there only. Your team was of great support since always, and with your guidance today after a year I have achieved my desired weight loss. Trust me its actually a dream come true for someone like me who had tried all the possible and available methods to shed these extra kilos.

Started from 98kgs and BMI 37 today I’m 64kgs and BMI 23.5.

Dr. Arush I can never thankyou enough for everything and all the things you have done for me. Living the life I have always wanted.

Ms. Prerna Singh


Dear Dr. Arush,

Many a times in our lifetime we need to take decisions and we all take it one way or other. But the best decision is considered as what we expect while deciding for it and we get much more better than expect...

Same has happened to me...

While looking for bariatric surgery for weight loss..I was actually researching on net but somehow things were not that falling into place. Went to so called good and reputed hospitals too for consultations .But I was far off from satisfaction from doctors side. In other words I didn't find doctors confident enough and the situations and confusions were kind of making me leave the home...

Like a silver lining Dr. Arush's message in a health forum made me introduce to SCOD . The very next day 11th March2014 I made an appointment to meet Dr. Arush. When I met Dr. Arush in person..I was very confident about the surgery with the kind of insight he had for this surgery

Dr Arush Sabhrawal is such a welcoming ever smiling and accommodating human being. He took out more than an hour explaining the possible ways. That was not all, as a doctor he tried to answer my queries through messages and call ( who has time these days?)

Not to forget are two crucial names..Ms.Zabira (co ordinator) and Ms. Prerna (Counselor) were the best friends and guides for me before and after surgery. I found them always ready to help. No matter what. Now that I am out of surgery for past 44 days I really thank my doctor ( from  the core of my heart) his team of efficient doctors and beautiful human being with loads of love care and humanity.

I feel blessed to come across SCOD and feel a part of it always.

I hope this kind of experience is always a bonus in one's life.

I wish SCOD will really become a milestone in the history of good centers with great doctors ethics and humanity. Wishing you all a very nice journey and happy life as you are touching so many hearts and lives without your knowledge

Thank you all and thank you Dr. Arush.

With love


I visited SCOD clinic in Karol Bagh, Central Delhi, for an appointment with Dr. Arush Sabharwal in May 2015. Prior to the consult with Dr. Arush Sabharwal, I had visited a lot of well known hospitals and surgeons. I was 99 kgs and very soon would be crossing a century. It was getting in my head and I was going into depression. All the doctors I had consulted prior to Dr. Sabharwal were suggesting me to undergo Laparoscopic Sleeve Gasterctomy but it was the SCOD team who suggested me to undergo Laparoscopic Mini Gastric also known as the Omega-loop Bypass after a patient hearing of my detailed history which included my eating and drinking habits, my obesity associated problems and family planning. I wanted to be more active in my day to day work and put a stop to my shopping the + sizes. Today after  4 months of Mini Gastric Bypass I’m not only 20kgs down but also have got ridden of my obesity associated complications like Hypertension, PCOD and high cholestrol. I was back to my normal diet after 4 weeks of surgery and then I was able to eat 1 parantha ( Indian Bread ). I started looking 10 years back of my youth. I’m feeling energetic and have gained confidence. It is so amazing to have your confidence level back. Now I’m even capable of wearing good dresses and feel so blessed to have found the correct team. I can’t wait to see where I will be in 6 months. Dr Arush, at his young age  is blessed with talent of bringing smile on the faces of many like me. I’m reborn with the attitude that I always wanted to have and missing spark in my life.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Arush Sabharwal and his team who were always there for me and till today they are standing beside me with their smiling faces.

Taranjeet Kaur